• The Phoenix - Awakening. Part two

The Phoenix I'll find you Part one

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The Phoenix Podtytuł: Awakening TOM: drugi  Autor: Emilia Chabior Rok wydania: 2024  Format : epub/mobi  ISBN: 9788396924858 Nr wydania: pierwsze Rozmiar: 1,5 Mb  Użytkowanie: w granicach licencji użytkownika ("Regulamin serwisu")  Ważność linku: nieograniczona czasowo i ilościowo Zabezpieczenie: WM   



The Phoenix Duology is a two-volume novel consisting of:

The Phoenix – I’ll Find You. Part One

The Phoenix – Awakening. Part Two

Part Two is published under ISBN: 978-83-969248-5-8      

In the second part of The Phoenix, Oli and Maris continue to dance in the emotions they harbor for each other. Separated on physical, emotional, and geographical levels, they cannot forget each other as the connection of their souls is unbreakable. Although each of them faces their own traumas, unacknowledged fears, and immediate problems, they traverse this path with dignity, walking the road of destiny. Sometimes, we believe that certain things are doomed to fail, crushed under the weight of social and familial pressures. We can become our own worst enemies, closing ourselves off, erecting internal barriers, and limiting the growth of our consciousness and horizons, especially when those around us seem so uncomplicated and superficial, leading us to believe we shouldn’t be ‘difficult’. The Phoenix is a story about overcoming walls and blockades, about demolishing and breaking through the walls of our own limitations.

The characters in this novel can be perceived in many ways. Society’s first instinct might be to criticize them for their weaknesses and differences, for the problems they have... Problems with oneself are so shameful that it’s better left unsaid. But even those who wear a golden armor of strength and assertiveness carry a burden. You know nothing about them because they hide their traumas like treasured secrets, guarding them in fear of the world... in the darkness of their own minds, in memories filled with tears. These apparent giants, who command the world with their charisma, are often the first to criticize you when you reveal your weaknesses, believing that one should not acknowledge and tend to their scars – it’s better to pretend they don’t exist.

Oli and Maris are victors - people who faced the impossible, who, in their moments of greatest weakness, soared into the sky, granting their souls freedom. To do this requires a deposit of goodness and awareness within oneself, and one should not give up even when it feels like there’s nothing left... Around the corner might be what you dream of when you allow yourself to dream. Discover Oli and Maris’s journey to freedom, love, and fulfillment, and perhaps you’ll be inspired… because, whether you want to or not, you carry elements of their essence within you.

The description of the text's characteristics and the warnings included in the first part of “The Phoenix apply” to the entire series. The book is intended for adult readers only.






CHAPTER II – Ends and New Beginnings


CHAPTER IV – Rebirth

CHAPTER V – Between Worlds

CHAPTER VI – I’ll Find You

CHAPTER VII – Knock, knock

CHAPTER VIII – Walks to Heaven

CHAPTER IX – Pandora’s Box