• The Phoenix - I'll find you. Part one

The Phoenix I'll find you Part one

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The Phoenix Podtytuł: I'll find you TOM: pierwszy  Autor: Emilia Chabior Rok wydania: 2023  Format : epub/mobi  ISBN: 9788396924803 Nr wydania: pierwsze Rozmiar: 1,5 Mb  Użytkowanie: w granicach licencji użytkownika ("Regulamin serwisu")  Ważność linku: nieograniczona czasowo i ilościowo Zabezpieczenie: WM   


The Phoenix Duology is a two-volume novel consisting of:

The Phoenix – I’ll Find You. Part One

The Phoenix – Awakening. Part Two

Part One is published under ISBN: 978-83-969248-0-3      

The release of the second part is planned for February 2024.

"The Phoenix"is a contemporary romance and erotic novel that explores the topic of unconventional love. On one hand, it weaves the story of regaining a semblance of normalcy after the devastating loss of loved ones, painting a portrait of rising from the ashes of depression, panic attacks, and the varied psychological states of a person doubting their will to live. The protagonist, Oli, a painter in the throes of her struggle, crosses paths with Maris, a luminary rapper on the Polish music scene. His youth, passion, and untamed spirit take her on a journey she didn't expect – a path filled with raw emotion, self-discovery, and a fight for her mental well-being. Conversely, "The Phoenix" also tells the story of Maris, a celebrity and vocalist who is theoretically at the peak of fame. His hedonistic lifestyle serves as a diversion from confronting the introspective reflections of his complex past. What appears to be gold eventually proves to be nothing more than a fragile house of cards, which crumbles at the first gust of wind. In a pendulum swing of events and emotions, the characters flicker, reflecting like mirrors, to rebuild themselves anew.

The Phoenix. Part One ends with a cliffhanger.

This series delves into a rich tapestry of human experiences, exploring intimate aspects such as sexual encounters, traumatic psychological journeys, addiction struggles, and the complexities of clinical psychiatric conditions. The narrative artfully weaves together moments of both elegance and coarseness, using language that traverses between literary sophistication and moments of profane authenticity, tailored to the circumstances in which the characters find themselves. The evocative descriptions of mental states can stir emotions, eliciting discomfort, melancholy, and even unease in sensitive individuals or those who have encountered mental health challenges. Nevertheless, readers have attested to the therapeutic power within the narrative. Yet, it is essential for those who are particularly sensitive to consider whether this publication aligns with their emotional wellbeing.

Within the pages of this book, you will find valuable insights on matters of health; however, it is imperative to acknowledge that the information presented herein should not be regarded as formal medical advice or consultation. The author and publisher absolve themselves from any liability for adverse health effects that may manifest as a result of applying the methods expounded in this tome or the conduct of the characters within. The author fervently underscores that, in her opinion, accurate diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, along with pharmacological aid and therapy, should be the definitive path towards treating depression, trauma, and addictions.

The book is intended for adult readers only.





CHAPTER I – Before

CHAPTER II – First Encounter

CHAPTER III – Where Are You?

CHAPTER IV – Resurrection

CHAPTER V – Destroying Fear

CHAPTER VI – It’s You I Seek

CHAPTER VII – Thunderstorms and Flashes

CHAPTER VIII – Shades of Life, Shades of Fame

CHAPTER IX – When He Was Mine, and I Was His

CHAPTER X – In Sopot, the Best Things Happen

CHAPTER XI – When Everything Goes Wrong

CHAPTER XII – The Phoenix